New organizational structures, new leadership concepts require Dynamic Leadership Coaching

At ABP Corporate Coaching, we develop our work based on the concept of Dynamic Leadership Coaching, which portrays a dynamic process in which coaching should be a function that any employee can use to promote the effectiveness and adaptability of the Organization. It is not a process of a singular user (therefore "leadership coaching" and not just "leader coach"), nor is it a process directed to a single task or a static context (therefore dynamic).

Dynamic Leadership Coaching is intended to show the complexity in using coaching as a leadership function, where all members and the context are considered.

Through the creation of integrated coaching programs, totally customized, ABP Corporate Coaching supports organizations in developing Dynamic Leadership Coaching competencies to enhance critical sense and meaningful adaptation for People, contributing to imprinting an innovative spirit in their Organizations, in a process where conscious decision-making and engagement are essential.

Dynamic Leadership Coaching

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Leadership development

At ABP Corporate Coaching, we believe that the transfer of competencies creates sustainability. More than training and developing, we empower the leaders of Organizations for a leadership style based on coaching competencies so that their application is an integral part of their leadership functions. Our positioning is based on a robust theoretical and practical body sustained by several years of research.

ABP Corporate Coaching thus provides Team Leaders with an analytical look at the skills used in their leadership. Today's leaders cannot only be business experts - they must also be experts in human behavior and organizational dynamics. Many organizations have already understood that their future success will, therefore, involve empowering their leaders with Team Coaching competencies.

Within the scope of the Dynamic Leadership Coaching concept, ABP Corporate Coaching implements programs for the development of leaders in Team Coaching competencies. These programs will allow Team Leaders to equip themselves with valuable tools to promote the development of their teams, namely in dimensions such as learning orientation, psychological security, feedback within the team, accountability and autonomy, awareness, and decision making.

These programs have a solid practical component and allow leaders to benefit from mentoring, supervision, and coaching to follow their development.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching programs support the Executive in identifying individual potentials and limitations to strengthen competencies and achieve consistent results in improving personal and professional performance. Through self-knowledge, awareness, accountability, and commitment to action, the Executive gains confidence in decision making and leadership.

In a global world, the alignment between the individual and the Organization may imply almost constant changes in perspectives and behaviors, requiring the need to resort to action-oriented techniques, adjustment of values, and definition of goals.

In the context of Dynamic Leadership Coaching, ABP Corporate Coaching organizes programs that work on the Executive's competence and create new perspectives on their professional reality to promote efficiency in the performance of their functions.

The result is an improvement in the leaders' performance, with general satisfaction in the Organization.

Employees who are emotionally involved in their work experience it from a perspective that goes far beyond financial sustainability - their tasks are seen as a segment that is part of their holistic sense of life. It is this emotional involvement that guides them towards the Organization's strategic goals.

Group Coaching

The use of synergies created in a group for individual development is, without a doubt, a resource of enormous value. Group Coaching programs involve bringing together employees from different departments within an organization to reflect together on overcoming individual challenges that they all experienced in one way or another in their daily work.

Group Coaching allows small groups of people, who do not usually work in the same team, to share experiences and knowledge within the organizational reality and culture, and become aware of how they can be more effective in achieving its objectives while respecting their career purpose and values. The result is enriching for the group because everyone contributes to each other's development and for the company since employees leave these experiences more motivated and committed.

This type of intervention has shown results in promoting changes in perspectives and identifying creative actions, but also in promoting a sense of belonging and sharing, in which the organizational culture and collective are strengthened.

Team Coaching

In a partnership with real teams (groups of individuals working together to achieve a common purpose, vision, or goals, who may have the same hierarchical report or belong to the same Organization, and who exist for a reason), Team Coaching enhances the sense of belonging to the Organization, supports the processes of integration of values/culture and promotes the achievement of common goals.

Team Coaching is a function provided by an external coach, by the team leader, or, ideally, by the whole team, whose objectives are to use a mirror to enable the team to visualize its system of representations, to identify through its perception of reality its strengths and the aspects that work less well, to evolve its operating processes and, overall, to invent its solutions.

In a learning phase, it is based on a formal process, in which the team is accompanied by a team coach, over a medium-long period, through previously scheduled sessions, and based on a concrete action plan. The intention is that, later on, it becomes an automatic process inherent to the function of the team leader and/or team leadership as a team dynamic.

The collective programs developed in the scope of a Dynamic Leadership Coaching process by ABP Corporate Coaching contribute to a healthy adaptation of the individual and the teams to the context of their function, their team, and the Organization, favoring the good performance of teamwork, cooperation, communication and empowerment of the various elements.


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