12 years creating experiences

Work experience within multinational and national companies

Our coaches have professional experience in multinational companies and large Portuguese and international companies/organizations.

Strong international dimension

With solid international experience, all our coaches are proficient in more than two languages and have experience working virtually and remotely.

Regular supervision

Our coaches regularly use supervision and mentoring to improve their practice as coaches.

Continuous development

Our coaches have ICF credentials and, therefore, have to show evidence of continuous development, which usually exceeds with annual participation in innovative training.

Respect for the ICF Code of Ethics

Each ABP coach respects the codes of ethics and coaching practices established by the ICF and other professional coaching associations of which they are members.

ABP Corporate Coaching has a long experience in coaching projects carried out in various sectors of activity, including Logistics and Transport, Energy, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Telecommunications, Construction, Banking and Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, eHealth, Information Technology.

Currently, the work of ABP Corporate Coaching focuses mainly on the methodology of Dynamic Leadership Coaching (development of talent and leadership) and Intercultural Coaching.

Some skills our clients indicate they have worked on during a coaching program


The number of institutional partners with whom ABP Corporate Coaching has already had the opportunity to collaborate.
(Data as of August 31, 2019)


Number of People whose development ABP Corporate Coaching has already accompanied.
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Total time taken in coaching sessions (individual, group and team) by ABP Corporate Coaching.
(Data as of August 31, 2019)

    ABP Corporate Coaching is a Coaching company guided by quality, rigor, and innovation in its services. At ABP Corporate Coaching, we design customized projects adapted to the reality of each client, with a deep respect for its frame of reference - values, identity, and purpose.


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