PALI - Leadership for Remote Teams


Enhance the sense of belonging to the organization, support value integration processes, and promote collaboration.


The world is demanding learning and rapid adaptation, and organizations understand that these requirements are only met when looking at teams as units of change, leaving traditional leadership concepts behind.

In March 2020, when the world moved to a virtual format, team members have gained more autonomy requiring a greater understanding of how self-managed teams can function.

Team coaching gains more space as one of the roles the team leader can play to meet the team's needs, and consequently, the organizational needs.

Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching (DTLC) proves to be an adequate process to meet this challenge with a solid scientific basis.


Team Dynamic Leadership Coaching (DTLC) is a process directed at a real team and a collective system, within a relationship of help, partnership, and trust, facilitated by someone able to relate to and work with a system using a coaching approach, where the team sets the agenda and goals, and where the development process and expected results are team effectiveness and adaptability to business results.

The DTLC process designates the function of team coaching and describes that function as a dynamic process that any team member can use to promote the team's capability toward effectiveness and adaptability. It is not a process of a singular user (thus "team leadership" and not just "leader coach"), nor is it a process directed at a singular moment, a single task, or individual competence (thus dynamic leadership).

The operationalization of the DTLC process happens through the awareness and application of ingredients translated into the PALI model.

The PALI model, which results from robust 4-year research around the Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching (DTLC) construct, identifies the "new language" that leadership must develop to meet today's needs for continuous adaptation.

"Fluency in this new language" of leadership can be tested using a specific instrument (scale). This scale offers tangible indicators that signal which behaviors we observe in the day-to-day life of a team leadership "fluent" in the PALI language (competent in the use of Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching - DTLC).


While some characteristics of the leader may facilitate the use of the dynamic team leadership coaching function, being native is not enough. Proficiency in each component of the PALI model provides comfort and readiness of leaders to navigate the new paradigms and reach other levels of the individual, team, and organizational development.



This development program aims to strengthen team leadership in the essential components for team effectiveness and adaptation even in unpredictable situations, keeping the organizational life active in a face-to-face, remote, or hybrid environment or space. 

It starts with a feedback questionnaire to promote awareness of the focus to work on. Throughout the development journey, online workshops will be held on the components of the model, and in a logic of continuous improvement in alternation, specific practices of professional activity will be addressed, with each participant finding moments of application/experimentation and moments of reflection/improvement, continuously evaluating the results produced, in successive moments of action and reflection.


Introductory session and program kick-off, followed by an initial diagnosis with an online assessment of team coaching behaviors (self-assessment and feedback from the participant's team members).

Remote - Duration: 1h30

Know the main components of team leadership in the new paradigm. Identify individual and collective challenges in team leadership.

Remote - Duration: 2h00

Reflect on and work effectively on the topics: trust and psychological safety in teams, sensemaking in the team and the organization; team norms; shared vision; division and awareness of responsibility and tasks; collective measures of success; feedback and feedforward; collective learning.

Remote - Duration: 7h30

Reflect on and work effectively on the topics: promoting improvisation and empowerment in the team.

Remote - Duration: 2h30

A structured process that allows participants to share common challenges encountered in implementation and ways to overcome those challenges; experience-based inputs, best practices, and the link between the module and the implementation of the insights and tools to the participants' reality.

Remote - Duration: 6h00

Final diagnosis with the completion of an online assessment of team coaching behaviors (self-assessment + feedback from participants' team members) and conclusions of the program.

Remote - Duration: 1h30


21h over 4-6 months

Target Audience

  • Team Leaders
  • Middle Management
  • Project managers and team coordinators
  • Responsible for operational areas


860 € per participant




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