Coaching em Portugal – Teoria e Prática – primeiro livro de Alexandra Barosa Pereira, lançado em 2007, pelas Edições Sílabo. Distinguido pela Mercer HR Consulting com o Prémio Distinção

Coaching has definitely entered the modern vocabulary of companies and their human resources. Despite the increasing frequency, nationally and internationally, of publications and articles in newspapers or magazines on the subject - it has become commonplace for consulting companies to offer coaching services - the reality reveals that there are still many doubts about how coaching works, and many professionals have not even heard of coaching applied to human resources. In this book, in an accessible and straightforward language, the author exposes the answers that will allow the reader, in a practical way, to understand what coaching is, how it is done, who does it, and what it is done for.

Recursos Humanos – Das Teorias às Boas Práticas Editoras, de Viviana Meirinhos e Ester Vaz, lançado em 2010, pela Editorial Novembro. Alexandra Barosa Pereira com o artigo “A prática do coaching corporativo nas organizações do séc. XXI” e o artigo “Coaching em Portugal – evolução das práticas dos coaches” em co-autoria

The management and development of people is a problem that today is recognized as central and transversal to all activities and contexts. The profound transformations of the social, economic, and financial system require a new vision of the concepts and theoretical and intervention models in Human Resources. This collection of articles, within the scope of Human Resource Management and Development, presents the current epistemological complexity of this area of knowledge, providing the reader with texts that combine research and theory with good professional practices.

Coaching – Ir mais longe cá dentro, Autor ICF (International Coach Federation). Alexandra Barosa Pereira, autora do capítulo “Mentor Coaching”

"This book is unlike any other you've ever read on Coaching. It is written by 24 professional coaches, effective members of the ICF (International Coach Federation) - the international professional coaching community best known and prestigious worldwide -, as this community celebrates the 10th anniversary of its existence in Portugal (2006-2016).
More than a repository of knowledge, it is a compilation of knowledge and shared experiences - a small treasure to be browsed and savored as and when you want. In these pages, you will find many (if not all) of the answers you are looking for about coaching.
We want to make a contribution to a better world, a contribution made of hope. In people and the future."

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