ABP Corporate Coaching is a coaching company guided by quality, rigor, and innovation in the services it provides. It assumes its commitment to developing organizations as a whole, through coaching processes adapted to each reality, with a deep respect for the frame of reference of People and Organizations - values, identity, and purpose.

ABP Corporate Coaching was created in 2009 with the purpose of helping people to think, to become aware of their potentials that can be transformed into talents. Centered on a name - Alexandra Barosa Pereira - that presents consistency, credibility, and results, and on a service (coaching), ABP Corporate Coaching provides specific and specialized services focused on the permanent and continuous improvement of institutional partners.

ABP Corporate Coaching assumes QUALITY as a critical factor of the Company's culture; therefore, we created the Quality Manual of the Training / Coaching Activity.
This Quality Manual establishes and promulgates the basic requirements of the layout of the Quality Management System, through which the compliance with the Quality Policy defined by ABP Corporate Coaching is guaranteed, to ensure the appropriate quality of the services provided by the Company and to satisfy its Clients and other stakeholders.

ABP Corporate Coaching is certified by DGERT since 2010, in the areas of education and training: 090 - Personal development, 345 - Management and administration, 347 - Framework in the organization/company.

Identity ABP Corporate Coaching

ABP Corporate Coaching has the purpose of positively impacting society by working with Organizations, providing integrated and customized coaching programs that help People become aware of their potential and make decisions according to what makes sense in the context of their reality.


ABP Corporate Coaching's mission is to support Organizations in discovering competencies that help enhance and create engagement in teams, promote/amplify collective consciousness, and awaken mentalities to perceive interconnections as pillars of psychosocial well-being.


ABP Corporate Coaching has the vision of being a leading company in coaching services - with knowing, doing, and being - by supporting the development of a greater social conscience, where each individual finds a sense of belonging, each team finds alignment, and each organization promotes awareness of purposes, for a future of a society with greater adaptability and openness to the difference.


The values that guide the actions of ABP Corporate Coaching are non-negotiable and are aligned with the purpose of having a positive impact on society through the work with Organizations, Leaders, and Teams:

  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Authenticity

ABP Corporate Coaching Methodology

ABP Corporate Coaching bases its intervention on scientific research in close articulation with practice, guided by international standards.

At ABP Corporate Coaching, we manage our projects with Quality, Rigor and Trust, which we offer as follows:

  • We only work with leading partnerships;
  • We meet the established deadlines and manage the projects we develop with the rigor of specific project management methodologies;
  • We adopt an approach aligned with the strategy and culture of each organization;
  • Our Coaches are carefully selected and have appropriate training and/or certification for the practice of coaching;
  • We develop the capacity of clients and/or participants to act effectively and autonomously;
  • Our clients are unique and singular, and all information is treated confidentially;
  • We do not need to disclose names of companies we work with because we believe that clients will be the ones to reference our work;
  • The search for constant innovation and rigor in developing the projects we undertake are critical success factors because they guarantee clients' satisfaction.

ABP Corporate Coaching Partners

ABP Corporate Coaching team consists of Associate Business Partners with high levels of excellence and knowledge who follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) principles and the theoretical-conceptual models of ABP Corporate Coaching. The team of trainers and coaches of ABP Corporate Coaching can successfully meet each client's specific needs.

Whenever necessary, the ABP Corporate Coaching can also identify partners in other countries, namely Brazil, Spain, Germany, Singapore, and United States.

    ABP Corporate Coaching is a Coaching company guided by quality, rigor, and innovation in its services. At ABP Corporate Coaching, we design customized projects adapted to the reality of each client, with a deep respect for its frame of reference - values, identity, and purpose.


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