Dynamic Leadership Coaching

is a requirement for the co-development of adaptive and effective teams in dynamic and uncertain environments.

ABP Corporate Coaching developed a solution for Leadership in dynamic and virtual environments with a Dynamic Leadership Coaching approach – the PALI model 

The world is demanding learning and rapid adaptation, and organizations understand that these requirements are only met when looking at teams as units of change, leaving traditional leadership concepts behind.

In March 2020 when the world moved to a virtual format, team members gained more autonomy requiring a greater understanding of how self-managed teams can function.
Organizations have also understood the value of coaching and now want that value (previously implemented in an individual format) to be scalable. They want answers on how to lead teams in a less directive style and with more awareness and commitment, i.e., with a coaching approach.

With a strong scientific base, Dynamic Team Leadership Coaching (DTLC) proves to be an adequate process to meet this challenge.

The operationalization of the DTLC process happens through the awareness and application of ingredients translated into the PALI model.

The PALI model identifies the “new language” that leadership must develop to meet today’s needs for continuous adaptation. 

  • Rapid adaptation to unpredictable situations in an improvised way
  • Development of team leaders with the ability to improve team effectiveness and adaptability
  • Quality of team interaction and alignment
  • Intention and awareness of the ability to relate to and work with the whole system

While some characteristics of the leader may facilitate the use of the dynamic team leadership coaching function, being native is not enough. Proficiency in each component of the PALI model provides comfort and readiness of leaders to navigate the new paradigms and reach other levels of individual, team, and organizational development.


Become an efficient remote leader based on the successful PALI model.

Enhance the sense of belonging, support shared purpose and promote collaboration.

ABP Corporate Coaching implements programs to develop leaders on the team coaching function.

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